Welcome to my personal web site and blog!

In this Blog, you will find useful information about:
  • Programming - (C#, ASP.NET, MVC, EntityFramework, Front-End - Jscript, Jquery, Ajax)
  • Free programming courses - Provided by Telerik Academy
  • Overclocking - my favorite hobby
I also want to say one big "Thank you", to the technical-trainers from Telerik Academy, who teach us, for the last eight months, and made this site possible:

MVC4 and Entity framework

Most of the people will decide to use Wordpress, Joomla and another easy-to-use CMS systems for their Blogs. I decided to create my own sample CMS system for educational purposes, and test it while hosting my Blog. You can expect further details, sample code and architecture of this CMS system posted here, after few weeks.

About the engine behind - this Blog is programmed on ASP.NET MVC4, C# and Entity Framework + DAL. It is hosted in the Cloud (AppHarbor). Soon you can expect more functionality - Tags, Facebook / Twitter buttons, search, Comments, SideBar and more...

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Phenom II 555 Overclock:

Unlocking disabled cores of Phenom II 555 X2, and overclocking it to 4GHz!

In this article I will show you advanced techniques of overclocking the Phenom II 555 family processors. This will include unlocking and stabilizing disabled cores, and also overclocking Memory controller and RAM – memory.

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